UNIQA feels very proud to sponsor various CERN projects which perfectly reflects our long-term commitment and loyalty towards CERN.

Arts@CERN.  Art and Science interactions

Arts@CERN pioneers new ways of bringing together artists and scientists, to lead the conversation about art and science, and support artistic innovation and openness to research environments.

The arts program of the world’s largest laboratory of particle physics was founded in 2011 to explore notions of creativity, human ingenuity and curiosity. Today, artists from all over the world are invited, through its programmes, to spend time at CERN and work alongside particle physicists and engineers.

By positioning artists and scientists together within the larger scientific context, CERN’s programmes foster new approaches to research, experimentation and artistic production. The objective is to question how art and culture can form novel visions of a highly specialised environment and what common grounds can be shared between art and science.

Website: https://arts.cern/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/artsatcern

CERN Future Collider: FCC Study conference in Vienna on 8 September 2018

The aim of the Future Circular Collider (FCC) study is to develop a conceptual design for a post-LHC particle infrastructure in a global context.

Expanding our understanding of the fundamental laws of nature requires the energy frontier to be pushed much further. Reaching this goal within the 21st century in an economic and energy efficient way calls for a large circular collider.

The international FCC collaboration, hosted by CERN, brings together, as of March 2016, more than 70 institutes from around the globe. It is open to universities, laboratories and research centres of scientific excellence, as well as to high-tech companies.

The FCC collaboration will deliver a conceptual desoign report together with preliminary costs estimates and feasibility assesments during the upcoming conference in Vienna (Austria) on 8 September 2018.


CERN Running Club

UNIQA has been engaged within the promotion of healthy life since 2009 by supporting the members of the  CERN Running Club.